Favorite Baby Toys


I love to buy toys for Jude. I honestly think I have more fun playing with them than he does sometimes.

As with everything, we try to keep it pretty minimal. When possible, I try to purchase toys that are wood and work well for open-ended play. We only buy him new toys on Christmas and his birthday, so I try to keep in mind what will be age appropriate for the longest span of time. I would say most of these are probably age appropriate for about 9-12+ months. Like I said, I like to purchase things that will last a while, so a few are slightly more for the toddler stage. However, for most simple wood toys, I don’t personally mind - always check the recommended age range and decide for yourself.

I have a list with all the links below - everything is from Amazon! Since a few have asked, I thought I would also mention that our baby monitor is the eufy Security Video Baby Monitor and I love how cute it looks and how simple it is to use. It has a lot of good features for not being too crazy expensive.

Favorite Baby Toys


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