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Favorite Baby Toys

As with everything, we try to keep it pretty minimal. When possible, I try to purchase toys that are wood and work well for open-ended play. We only buy him new toys on Christmas and his birthday, so I try to keep in mind what will be age appropriate for the longest span of time possible. I would say most of these are probably age appropriate for about 9-12+ months.

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Jude's 1st Birthday Party

I can’t believe it’s been a year already. It seems like time passed in a blur, yet certain moments still stand out crystal clear to me. I knew from the moment Jude was born that we were going to be the best of friends, and this past year getting to know him has been the most special year of my life. He is a light and joy. And very popular. We tried to keep his party just close friends and family, and that was still quite the large bunch!

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Nursery Tour | Small Space Living

I firmly believe in making the space you live in work for whatever season you are facing in life. Ours in currently in a one bedroom apartment with a ten-month old baby that needs his own space to sleep and play well in. Moving around our space in an unconventional way to work for our family equals “breaking” the rules when it comes to design.

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Minimalism for Beginners | Tips to Start Decluttering

Beginning the journey of minimizing your home may seem like a daunting task. When I first started to declutter our belongings, I wanted a clean, clear space overnight. I thought I could purge our home in one go and be totally satisfied with the results - the truth is, it took us a long time to get our space to the place we are now, and I still need to do another clear-out soon.

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A Minimalist Christmas Wishlist

I think there is a general misconception that those of us trying to own less items dislike the gesture of gifts. While we do want to maintain clutter free homes, a few well chosen gifts go a long way in adding value to our lives. I’m writing this post for those of you unsure of what to purchase a fellow minimalist and/or those of us coming up dry on what to write on a mandatory wishlist.

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