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I love being sneaky and seeing how other people decorate their homes. It’s easily one of my favorite things. I love to see how others create their space and get inspiration for my own house.

I’ve been wanting to share Jude’s bedroom for a while, but I kept putting it off. I wanted everything to be settled, finished, perfect, before I took photos. He has a tub of artwork from loved ones and various new toys + decor that I always switch in and out. I realized that his room is going to be changing quite often depending on his age and interests (and lets me honest, my mood) so it will probably never feel “finished”. So I snapped some pictures really quickly today of what it looks like now so you can see his space and maybe get some ideas for your own little ones room.


SHOP: Peg Rack (Similar) | Gathre Mat | Rainbow Stacker

I love peg racks and baskets to organize and hide items. I painted the artwork in the two frames for our living room years ago and always thought they’d fit better in a nursery someday.


This quilt is one of my favorite items we received from our baby shower. Its such a nice size and pattern that will continue to work for him as he grows.


This banner took me forever to sit down and make - but once I did it was a crazy easy project and pulled the whole room together with the colors.


SHOP: Shelves | Beaker | Clock | Stuffed animal + rainbow stacker were gifts

A lot of the items on these shelves were things we had in our home already: a camera Joshua found at a thrift store while we were dating + a set of Narnia books from his childhood, a clock we had in our first home, and the plant I’ve been growing in the beaker for about two years now!


This dresser hold all of Jude’s diapers, clothes, and blankets.


SHOP: Diffuser | Globe Light

We love to diffuse lavender at night and play white noise to help him sleep well + keep noise from our neighbors at bay. We just use our iPad and play a white noise track on repeat from Spotify instead of using a white noise machine.


These two bins hold most of his toys. We go through them often and pass on things he’s grown out of, keeping just our absolute favorites for future siblings in a box in our closet.


This print is out of a vintage book I received from his baby shower.


Jude loves to read. He will sit and look at a book for fifteen minutes, just staring at the pictures and gently turning the pages. Some of his favorites are: The Foolish Tortoise, Moo Baa La La La (which was also my favorite as a baby), and this beautiful pop-up book of Pride and Prejudice.


He also loves his Bigfoot Slumberkins (that we’ve named Bear for some reason, don’t ask why) and can’t fall asleep without it. Lately this truck has kept him really well entertained with the magnets.


SHOP: Bigfoot | Wood Truck | Pride and Prejudice Book

I think what I love most about this space is that all of the doors make it easy to keep an eye on him wherever I’m at in the house. I firmly believe in making the space you live in work for whatever season you are facing in life. Ours in currently in a one bedroom apartment with a ten-month old baby that needs his own space to sleep and play well in. Moving around our space in an unconventional way to work for our family equals “breaking” the rules when it comes to design. Of course it’s not ideal having our own bedroom in the living room area while Jude takes the bedroom, but its what works for us now. I enjoy being able to open the french doors at night and keep a close eye on him.


Thanks for stopping by! I hope you feel inspired if you’re living in a small space to make your home work for your family and not be afraid to break some rules.

Chloe Rey

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