Baby Items You Don’t Need

Jude, two weeks old

Jude, two weeks old

Inspired by Alison Mazurek’s recent blogpost, I thought I would write my own list of baby items you don’t really need. Since Jude is now four months old, we made it through the newborn stage and I can’t help but regret some of the things we registered for that we’ve never touched - even after many hours of reading “minimalist baby essentials” lists.

So here is my list of things you don’t need - but keep in mind every family and situation is different and I tend to be pretty minimal.

  • Changing Table - I just change Jude wherever we happen to be in our apartment. I have a cute basket with a portable mat and diaper + wipes.

  • Bottle Warmer

  • Wipe Warmer

  • Diaper Genie - We bought one since apartment living doesn’t make it the easiest to run smelly diapers out to the garbage - but it just does not work! It also added another expense with the special liners, not to mention the space it takes up. We just got a good lid for our regular garbage can and it's on its way out of our home soon.

  • A Swing AND a Bouncer - We have the Rock n’ Play and a swing. Just one would be super helpful and do the trick. Having both is unnecessary and we are going to pass one on soon.

  • Socks - They constantly fall off and its tough to find matches after laundry. We bought these Zutamo Booties off of Amazon instead and they don't slip off.

  • Special Outfits - By this, I mean skinny jeans, button-ups, those little suspenders, even shoes. They are adorable, but so hard to get on and off. They really do grow so fast and will probably only fit in them for a week or two - either that or they’ll be covered in spit up within seconds. I love just keeping Jude in a classic white onesie.

  • Diaper Bag - We bought a backpack instead and have been amazed at how functional it is. It’s on the larger side, but I am able to put any extra things I might need for work, and it makes walking up and down apartment stairs much easier.

I’m thinking about writing a list of the items we have used every day since it’s fresh in my mind. Thanks for reading, let me know what baby gear you can go without!

Jude, 4 months

Jude, 4 months