Minimalist Bedroom Tour

Today I am sharing a tour of our bedroom! I love to get inspiration from other homes and I thought this might be fun to document since Jude will be graduating into his own bedroom soon. It has been the sweetest time sharing a room with this little guy. 

It's been tough keeping everything simple with baby gear - I tried to incorporate his things into our room, while still maintaining some of the space as our own. The mid-century dresser contains all of his clothes and the basket on top holds his changing mat and diaper accessories for easy access. I try to keep every item he owns inside and on top of the dresser (excluding two baskets of toys and books in our living room). Joshua and I share a nice sized walk-in closet for our own clothes - we are able to store a lot of other household items in there as well. 

I have had a lot of questions about where I purchased certain items, so I linked what I could below each photo. 

Dresser: Thrifted

Dresser: Thrifted

SHOP:  Mirror  |  Basket  |  Diffuser

Our bedroom is fairly small to squish a king sized bed and crib inside. With four doors (yes, four!) opening into the space, plus a radiator, so there really was only one arrangement that would fit everything. This meant blocking one of the french doors into the living room - which really bothered me at first. But now I don't mind it too much; we have made a little oasis in this tiny space and I've loved the challenge of continually paring down to keep it simple and clean. 

SHOP:  Mirror

SHOP: Mirror

SHOP:  Baby Blanket  |  Crib

Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see any other rooms next!