A Minimalist Christmas Wishlist


I think there is a general misconception that those of us trying to own less dislike the gesture of gifts. While we do want to maintain clutter free homes, a few well chosen gifts go a long way in adding value to our lives. I’m writing this post for those of you unsure of what to purchase a fellow minimalist and/or those of us coming up dry on what to write on a mandatory wishlist.

Chances are, those of us buying less things do have a list of specific items that we would like (no matter how simple we live) that would greatly improve our lives - so just ask! I recently received an Ergobaby carrier from a friend after we discussed how useful it would be - it was so thoughtful and exactly what I need in this season of motherhood. The sweetest gifts are thoughtful ones!

A Minimal Christmas Wishlist


To a children’s museum, art museum, Costco, YMCA, etc. Having these memberships available and/or covered offers a lot of fun experiences without having another item added to a home.


Amazon is a particular favorite of ours to give and receive as you can purchase almost anything! Everlane is a great ethically-sourced company that offers timeless men’s and woman’s clothing. Credit to the movies, a local theater, a massage, a favorite restaurant or coffee shop, are always thoughtful. We love to receive “date nights” with gift cards and babysitting included.


Fancy coffee, teas, chocolates, candles, bath salts, baked goods. High quality consumable items that someone wouldn’t purchase on a regular basis are always a treat. Subscription services are also nice - I bought my husband a subscription to Blue Bottle Coffee last year and he loved it!


In my opinion, quality books are never an unwanted gift. For children and adults, they are a great source of entertainment and learning.


A cooking class, art class, or even a few yoga sessions in your local area are another great alternative.

Quality Time

Making memories together is the greatest gift of all. Take your loved one out for dinner at a fancy restaurant, or bake desserts at home together. Buy an art class you both can attend or drive out of town for the day to go ice skating or sledding! We all live such busy lives, spending time with one another is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.
— Dr. Seuss
Photos by Angella Savchuk

Photos by Angella Savchuk

I hope this was helpful! Merry Christmas!

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