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This is an older tag I’ve seen online that I thought would be fun to write about! I’m always inspired by how others simplify their life and space, so I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of our own journey.

About two years ago, my husband and I moved into a 600 square-foot studio. While moving, it quickly became apparent that we had a huge excess of stuff. We could either drown in our clutter, or purge our home until things worked efficiently. We discussed every single item in depth; whether the amount of space it took up was worth the stress and mental clutter. We began to realize that we assumed we needed a lot of items that were one use (that something else could easily do) or just the social norm (like multiple sets of China).

We decided to ditch the following items to clear out our tiny space. Since then, we have moved into a larger apartment and we haven’t added any of these items back into our lives.



There’s a lot I could talk about here, but it’s more than just the space it takes up. Simply put: we don’t want television to be the central focus of our home or our biggest source of entertainment. We do not want a direct source for culture to constantly bombard our home. We love to watch an episode of The Office on our computer after Jude goes to bed, but not having a tv takes away the temptation to have it on constantly and enables us to be more creative with our free time.


It took up so much counter space in our old studio kitchen; I think it was maybe a total of six feet long, with the sink taking up a good chunk of it. We now use our oven on broil and a cookie sheet for anything that needs to be toasted - which for us was so seldom that it made sense to get rid of it. The crumbs drove me a little crazy too.


We’ve found putting any leftovers in the oven at 350 degrees for a few minutes actually makes food taste way better anyways.


Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Redbox, YouTube, Spotify, Google Play. Let them store all that stuff for you!


One day I realized that it’s called a junk drawer for a reason. Why would I want junk in my life? I realized that our’s was full of stuff that we hung on to for ‘just in case’ scenarios that never happened. For me, it’s just not worth having a whole drawer that gives me anxiety when I open it. Now that it’s gone, I couldn’t tell you what was in it and I’ve never missed a thing!

Living without these items has become our new normal over the years. It’s amazing what we are tricked into believing we need to live our lives! I am constantly reevaluating our home, so I hope this sparked some ideas for you if you’re on a journey of simplifying your space! This is just meant to inspire and discuss - as always, some of them may not work for your lifestyle.


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